Biokinetics is the profession concerned with health promotion, the maintenance of physical abilities and final phase rehabilitation, by means of scientifically based physical activity programme prescription.


Christiaan and Philip have been practicing together for 17 years in Somerset West. In 2012, Le Roux and Nel Biokineticists took shape, offering a fresh perspective to holistic physical rehabilitation.

With their passion for the wellbeing and health of all individuals, the practice has flourished to provide the best services to all patients.

Le Roux and Nel Biokineticists value multidisciplinary teamwork to achieve optimal physical outcomes by working closely with a network of healthcare professionals in the Cape.

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    Christiaan has been practicing as a Biokineticist since 2000. His experience shines through in the physical rehabilitation he offers, specifically when working with his fields of interest, which include those with orthopedic injuries and special populations.

    He enjoys all things sport and movement, with a particular interest in cycling and tennis. His passion to help improve people’s physical ability and wellbeing makes him dedicated to guiding people to reach their own movement goals.


    Philip offers a functional, hands-on approach to physical rehabilitation, providing a dynamic perspective to Biokinetics.

    His love for surfing and passion for high-performance training and rehabilitation of sports injuries provides a fresh perspective to the practice, bringing in elite athletes such as Ian Campbell and World Tour professional surfers.


    Ivana joined the team in 2022. Ivana loves working with people of all ages and is truly invested in her client’s journey through exercise and fitness. Whilst she has a strict and precise approach to her exercises, her warm and welcoming personality makes even the most strenuous exercise enjoyable. Always excited for the session ahead, her passion for her work is contagious. With Ivana you can always expect a good chat and some laughs.

    Whilst Ivana is new to Le Roux Nel, she is not new to working within fitness and her experience makes for valuable time spent.


    Valerie is a kind and energetic Biokineticist that joined the Le Roux and Nel team in 2022. She has a great passion for movement, people and sport and believe that exercise is the key to a happy and healthy life.

    She also believes that exercise should be enjoyable and should be integrated within our daily lives. She loves all parts of Biokinetics but especially enjoy working with the elderly, children and those with chronic conditions.


    Injury Rehabilitation

    Chronic Illness Management

    Cardiac Rehabilitation

    High Performance Training

    Special Populations

    Vitality Fitness Assessment

    Manual Therapy